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About Us

Welcome to Virtual Capital Partners!

Virtual Capital Partners is a group of elite Business Leaders, Lawyers, Investment Bankers, and Entrepreneurs who joined forces to solve a major problem in financial system that puts small businesses at a major disadvantage.

And it’s something that is so important it could put a small business out of business should they lose it. It’s called Credit Card Payment Processing. Without credit card payment processing a business would be unable to process orders from customers who purchase a product from them using a credit card. Without credit card processing a business simply can’t survive in today’s world.

You see, the gap is that the banks have not caught up with the times in terms of credit card payments for small businesses (especially online businesses) and are still working on policies and procedures from over a decade ago. It’s fine if you are a Fortune 500 global corporation and have hundreds if not thousands of bank accounts all over the world but not if you’re a small business owner.

We realized this is a major problem and heard from hundreds of small business owners the pain and stress they live through every single day. Welcome Virtual Capital Partners the solution to a very serious problem.

Virtual Capital Partners has been growing rapidly ever since and have now expanded our program to all 50 states with international expansion on the horizon.

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