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Can anyone become a Virtual Capital Partner?

No below are the basic requirements to become a Virtual Capital Partner.
1) Minimum Credit Score of at least 670
2) Clean Criminal History (No Felonies)
3) Personal Funds in the Bank
4) Solid Work History
5) No Bankruptcies in the last 7 years or more

Does it cost anything to be a Virtual Capital Partner?

No it doesn’t cost you anything

Can I work full time and be a Virtual Capital Partner?

Yes majority of VCP’s hold a full time job and are a VCP to provide themselves and their family with a supplemental passive income.

As a Virtual Capital Partner how will I get compensated?

Once you have been approved as a VCP and matched with a merchant/small business you will be paid a minimum of $1,000 every month as long as the account remains active.

What roll does a Virtual Capital Partner play in a small business?

As a VCP you make no decisions, do no physical work, and not involved with the business in any way shape or form. As a VCP you are simply a signor for bank accounts and merchant services that is it. And get paid for doing just that and only that. It’s as simple as it can be to earn money.

Is it illegal?

No, becoming a Virtual Capital Partner you are not breaking any laws whatsoever and are simply helping a small business owner with their processing needs.

What’s the referral fee should I refer someone who becomes a Virtual Capital Partner?

For each referral you bring who is qualified, accepted, and matched to become a VCB you will receive a one-time referral fee payment of $250.

How much time is needed to become a Virtual Capital Partner?

Very little – the only time you will need to spend is communicating with banks and a couple visits to the bank in your area and that is it. Everything else is done for you. So you just sit back and collect your $1,000 monthly check.